About Meg

My name is Meg Gullotto.  I'm very glad to have you here.  Thank you for your interest!  Below, you'll find a bit of my background.  To the right, you will find links to my résumé, my style sheets for download, and to my brief essay on the value of the medical illustrator.

Self Portrait


I have received my master’s degree from the Medical Illustration Graduate Program at Georgia Health Sciences University, formerly MCG, in Augusta, Georgia.  It’s a small program – I had only seven classmates – but over the course of two years, we were given a very extensive and thorough education.  Alongside the medical students, we attended classes in anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology, and pathology.  The anatomy classes included human anatomical dissections, and we also took a veterinary surgery course to gain hands on experience with living tissues and surgical procedures.  Later, as we were becoming more familiar with the artistic side of the program, we observed multiple surgeries at the nearby hospital.


We were also learning to be illustrators and professionals.  We covered everything, from traditional media to digital programs, including animation.  And we learned how to apply our skills and knowledge to effectively convey visual information to a variety of audiences.  Most importantly, I am a storyteller, using images to show a surgical procedure or the course of a disease.  I believe my unique background is particularly useful in that respect. 



Before I pursued medical illustration, I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and studied to be a sequential artist (or in other words, a comic book artist).  I have always enjoyed creating characters, building worlds, and writing stories.  I still enjoy these things, and pursue them in my spare time.  However, in the long term, I discovered that my personal style leant itself far more to the detail and accuracy needed in medical work, and that I enjoy the academic side of it as well.  My training as a sequential artist, I've learned, and the skills I acquired as a visual storyteller with my undergraduate degree will only make me that much more successful as a medical illustrator.