Medical Illustration Gallery

There are actually three galleries assembled here: one for black and white works, one for color, and one for animations.  Click the individual thumbnails to view them large.

Black and White Illustrations

Full Color Illustrations

Full Color Animations

The Role of Scapulohumeral Muscles in Hair Brushing

Fun hint: there is an easter egg hidden in this one!




The Rhomboid (Limberg) Flap Surgical Procedure

When the incision closes, the video is over.  Final edits coming soon.




Epidural Anesthetic Injection Procedure

Created using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.




The Mechanics of Olfactory Reception

Created using Cinema 4D.




Normal Epidermal Structure and Function and What Goes Wrong in Psoriasis

(This video has full narration.  Be sure to turn up your volume!)

This video is intended to be part of a presentation to psoriasis patients and families of patients.  It was created with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.