Service Description

Gullotto Medical Artworks provides custom high quality illustrations tailored to the needs of professionals in the healthcare industries.  Below is a more detailed description of the services offered by Meg Gullotto.

Anatomical/Instructional Illustrations:

These works are intended to provide clear and accurate depictions of human anatomy, surgical procedures, or specific surgical techniques for the purpose of teaching those in the medical and healthcare fields.  They are created from a foundation of thorough research and/or direct observation.  Primarily intended for textbooks, atlases, or manuals, the clarity and accuracy of the content is paramount.  The level of detail reflects the needs of the audience, while the medium is determined by the preference of the client.  These illustrations can be created digitally or traditionally, in line, tone, or full color.

Editorial Illustrations:

With the creativity to generate attention-grabbing, insightful, and conceptual imagery, and the ability to produce it in almost any style, Meg Gullotto can create illustrations needed for the cover of a periodical or as the visual accompaniment to an article.

Informative Illustrations:

From large posters to simplistic “infographics”, these are images carefully composed with blocks of information intended most often for patients and the general public.  They combine accurate and attractive medical illustrations with top notch graphic design meant to enhance and communicate the client’s message.  These can include the topics of public health awareness, the progression of a disease, or the effects of new treatments.  Their complexity is naturally determined by the intended audience and the needs of the client.  The images can be created in any medium to suit a broad range of style

                                                             preferences or print requirements.

Sequential Illustration:

This is a broad description that applies to any series of illustrations that depict a process, a procedure, or that tell a story.  Meg Gullotto’s unique educational background has given her the skill and sophistication to tell stories with images as well as words, and to make them clear, accurate, and memorable.  There are a number of specific types:

Surgical Illustrations:

As described above, depictions of surgical procedures and techniques are often desired as educational tools.  While always accurate, they employ creative views to better the understanding of the anatomy involved or the use of instruments in a procedure. 


Illustrations for Patients:

These sequential images are used to inform patients and patients’ families about their condition, instruct them in the care of a medical device, or to help them understand their treatment.   Meg Gullotto understands the importance of a sensitive approach and has the ability to translate complicated medical terminology and unpleasant concepts into information than can be readily absorbed and retained by those already under stress.  These illustrations can make full use of a range of styles and media, and can be adapted to suit the needs of the client.


Illustrations for the Public:

Like those for patient education, these illustrations are made to be simple and informative.  They may be used to promote general health awareness, disease or injury prevention, or the effects of medications.  These can also include images created for legal clientele, exhibits used in courtrooms to depict anatomy, injuries, and other medical concepts or events before a jury.  Style and level of detail are once again determined by the needs of the client.